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Khabbaz: The mistake was not the first time I hope it is the last time

Khabbaz: The mistake was not the first time I hope it is the last time

It cannot be said to be the first mistake of the IRIB, but I hope it is the last mistake of this organization,” said the deputy legislative vice president of the president on delaying the president’s televised dialogue with the people.

Speaking to IRNA, Mohammad Reza Khabaz continued: “In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President is the second person in the system and on the other hand the first executive person in the country; it is natural that facilities should be provided when the President wants to report to the people.”

The representative of the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth houses of the Islamic Consultative Assembly continued: “The country has the authority to lend itself and it must be maintained by everyone so that the system can work as a result of such coordination.”

Khabbas stated: “In my opinion, IRIB is one of the people’s property and no one’s personal property; if it were someone’s personal property, he could say he had it with me.

According to him, it was expected that the president’s talk would begin after the 9 pm news broadcasts after repeatedly airing on Sima and on Wednesday night millions of people in the country were watching their television broadcasts until the president’s remarks. Hearing this, the Voice and Broadcast unfortunately delayed the dialogue by about an hour and a half, and that was not right.

“Delaying this conversation because of the long nights of winter caused many to sleep in discomfort with not being able to watch the conversation, and others who sat and listened to tiredness stay up late,” Khabaz added. But most of all, the enemies were happy with the uneven movement of IRIB.

He said: “We should not do anything to make our enemies happy and annoy our friends, because of the very debates and issues that happened in the past.”

Khabbaz said this was not just for Wednesday night, and the previous session of the President’s television talk show had a mix of executives; the question is why and what happened at the last minute of the IRIB insisting that they And we have to determine the host ourselves? While the presidency coordinated with them, this coordination made them mentally prepared.

“In my view, the head of the IRIB’s insistence on the selection of executives and subsequent correspondence with the IRIB was unprofessional,” said the deputy legislative vice-president.

“I do not know why some people are happy, they are upset and because of the tranquility created in the country,” he said, noting that the delay in the president’s televised dialogue with the people has caused many unhappiness. Some have been unhappy and insist on pushing back the country’s successes.

He added that why do some people insist on reversing the successes of the country’s diplomacy – from which we can provide the basis for future successes?

Khabbaz added in another part of his remarks: “I don’t really know why I think this is happening, if some are still hoping for an election they should know the election is over and now it’s over five months out of work.” The coming of the government is going well.

“These behaviors, in my opinion, are inappropriate and should not promote them; my question is, gentlemen, that this move on Wednesday night – that some people were deprived of hearing the president and the network Foreigners laugh out loud – what got the country interested?

He stressed: “Everything we do must also consider the cost and benefit of it; when you delay this dialogue, do you not think that the President’s intellectual integrity to report? Aren’t you happy about the president being able to give a comprehensive report to the people? If you are happy then help, and if you are upset that the President has been able to obtain valuable successes, it is better to announce that with this wheelchair and childish mobility problems will increase day by day.

Khabbaz added at the end of his interview: “This cannot be said to be the first mistake of IRIB but I hope it is the last mistake of this organization.

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