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Salehi criticizes extremist threat against IAEA

Salehi criticizes extremist threat against IAEA

Ali Akbar Salehi, vice president and head of the Atomic Energy Organization, referring to some of the criticisms of the Geneva agreement, called the Joint Action Plan, said: “Criticism is natural, provided it is within the national interest, not for destruction and division.”

IRNA reports that Ali Akbar Salehi said at a ceremony today in the Garden of the Holy Defense Museum to mark the launch of the Nuclear Martyrs’ Car Exhibition in the course of terrorist operations and to commemorate the Mizaz family of Atomic Energy Organization martyrs. We are in a political war. Why are we not a voice in this situation?

“I myself have repeatedly criticized some of the nuclear issues and these can be criticized, but if we speak, our words and positions must be based on reality,” he said.

The Vice President stated: Why have some said that we have moved 15,000 documents or have deliberately reduced the number of bodyguards, why do some people accuse the fifth column? That’s a big deal, we shouldn’t.

Salehi continued: “Now because of these few voices, the enemy wants to create polarization in Iran, be careful not to enter into the game they have prepared for us.

Salehi noted: We must have unity of the word and know that we are under the guidance and guidance of the supreme leader, we know the red line and we do not deviate from it.

“As my servant in the Atomic Energy Agency, I would like to inform you, the achievements of nuclear energy will not slow down,” said Vice President Jawari.

“I also say to the West that we are politically alert to you, more cohesive to you and more purposeful to you,” he told the West. “Now is the golden opportunity for you to take this opportunity. We don’t miss anything.

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