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US: Abolition of sanctions on Iran’s commitment not to send in the noise

US: Abolition of sanctions on Iran’s commitment not to send in the noise

The US State Department has announced that sanctions on Washington have been suspended in the wake of Iran’s pledge not to send satellite signals against its satellite networks.

“Iran has also pledged not to send any noise in the future at the meetings of the International Satellite Communications Organization,” the State Department added.

The Associated Press also quoted a senior US government official as saying.

Following US sanctions on Iranian broadcasters, many companies and institutions in the region and around the world have ceased their services to the broadcasters and their affiliates.

Earlier, the satellite company, Hotbird, had announced that sending some noise from Iran to some of its satellite channels had negatively affected the entire network operating in Hotbird.

Noises are usually transmitted over the frequencies of the network in order to prevent broadcasts of a network.

In Iran, there is usually widespread clamor against some television networks, especially Persian-language broadcasts from European countries.
Prior to this, government officials announced the formation of a committee to study noise in the Ministry of Communication and Communication Technology.

Some of the satellite broadcasts on Iranian soil had already been met with protests from foreign officials and organizations.

In early 2010, EU foreign ministers called on the Iranian government to refrain from broadcasting on satellite channels.

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