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Dear Zargham! Are you really under pressure? / Mohammad Amin Hesami

Dear Zargham! Are you really under pressure? / Mohammad Amin Hesami

The use of the word “national” in the term “media” is not a formality, and it is possible to redefine its mission for its theorists …

We heard about the recent interview of Mr. Motahhari with the President They said that Mr. Zarghami was under pressure and following the release of two news reports, one of which stated the reasons for the delay in broadcasting a televised interview of the Honorable President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and another letter from the Honorable President of the IRIB to the Supervisory Council, during the victory of the Iranian people’s revolution. led in 1357 to discuss a few hints:

1. evaluation procedure to Article 157 of the constitution to the educated reader More respected that. At the beginning of this principle, it is stated: “In the Islamic Republic of Iran, freedom of expression and expression of thoughts must be guaranteed by the Islamic standards and the interests of the country.”

2- The sound of our country is so isolated that it even responds to the demands of the people’s representatives. It is not necessary to remember that audiences will go to foreign news agencies whenever the Voice and Broadcasting and domestic news agencies get in touch with what is going on in the country. We still have the memories of the early revolution and the follow-up to the news of the uprising on BBC Radio (which has become popular today). So, Mr. Engineer Zarghami, who also understands the mathematical meaning of the angle well, be mindful of the extent to which it is exterminated!

3. The Honorable Broadcasting Council, as stated in the relevant laws, is exclusively a local authority for overseeing the activities of the organization, but Mr. Engineer Zarghami has requested a recommendation from the council, which is likely to be consulted.

4. Finally, I would like to say that the term “national” in the term “media” is not a formal addition and may be redefined for its theorists. If the national media is to be in conflict with the elected people’s government and its unfair criticism (as the manner in which news coverage has changed since the presidential television interview aired), that means pouring water on the enemy’s mill, no longer in The meaning will not be “national” and it is the only home for business messages, with the exception of the elimination of dance, which is no different from pre-revolutionary business messages.

Of course, the respected reader can find and study the criticism of the Honorable President of the Judiciary as well as the Honorable President of the Bureau of Justice and the Broadcasting for not properly covering the judiciary news by searching the news sites.

Dear Dr. Rouhani, Honorable President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I have acted on what you have stated in your speech among the academics and I have expressed my frank and fraternal criticism of the authorities of my country, but be aware and admonished because it is too early for my paradise. .

Mohammad Amin Hesami

Master of Philosophy and Islamic Theology

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