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Mr. Codex! Unfortunately, Hashemi is still alive

Mr. Codex! Unfortunately, Hashemi is still alive

Like a brother-in-law’s defense of a flocking referee, it looks like the one on my back saying that the sentences are impure, but when the woman performs her word, she opens the door to protest that I told this sentence to others, not my own!
Future Political Service: Hassan Fatehi wrote in his blog about the recent Codex interview:

Mr. Abbas Ali Kadkhodai, a former spokesman for the Guardian Council, who later failed to vote in the Majlis as the Guardian Council’s lawyer, shook hands with Mr. Jannati’s harsh interviews and criticisms, and ultimately honored this magnificent national media. They have magnified Dr. Kedahi’s cry and in order to induce the public to believe that the sky has fallen and that he has been persecuted by a sincere lawyer! Again, he has repeatedly stated in the credentials of Ayatollah … Hashemi To Ayatollah Hashemi a special and special discussion Needless to say, the work is different than the others, because we were more sensitive in one or two sessions, and the consensus was that there was no need to vote for them.

It is a well-known saying that “whatever you say salts it, wow it salts it”, the Guardian Council’s narrative has unfortunately been cited as the following:

Imam Khomeini (s) said that people’s vote was the criterion and the real philosophy of the Guardian Council. It is also about protecting the votes of the people and Islam of the system, when the judges of the Guardian Council are removed from office, and the people’s votes will inevitably be denied, and, as Mr Kadkhodai said, “we must see, as a judge or judge, where the arbitrator should be neutral. Examination of the issue and voting should be impartial and in other ways no problem “There is no reason for a referee to be on one side of the lawsuit.” From a sociological and psychological point of view, the psychologist’s approach to Islam cannot be correct because the psychology of the referees endorses their Islamic transnational personality, not the word of the brother of God.

Our Islamic beliefs culture recognizes the criterion of arbitration as not being arbitrators, and that arbitrators seem to “approve of individuals and theorize about those who have confirmed themselves, on the day of judgment, this contradiction of thought and practice for public opinion. There will be no elders who will not be shocked by the propaganda campaigns of the judges and not saddened by the opportunists’ example . The

brother-in-law’s training in defending the winged referees is similar to the one in which he tells his wife, Executes The language opens to protest that I told this sentence to others and not to myself!

Now the same judges, who were considered by many to be one of the influential agents of the bitter events of the year 88, interfered with Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mehr Rafsanjani again in 92 due to the interference of their own emotions and attitudes towards others. They did not want to hear the cries of crying, and so on. The

revolutionary character of the first, such as Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, was expected not to give up despite all the pressure and speculation, because:

1. The original revolutionaries and the trenches of the martyred martyrs of this ayatollah are Hashemi Rafsanjani, who still has the overwhelming mission of preserving the republic’s and Islamist regime, to lead the “yes sir” approach to tyranny and, indeed, one of the most important ones. And enmity with Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani is the same people-centered and religious-centered approach that some expect to turn into a specific, or centralist approach. Imam Khomeini said, ” Malevolent people

must know that Hashemi is alive because the movement is alive”, nowadays it has changed. That is the same friends who chastise the Imam (pbuh) Imam Khomeini’s closest and closest person is viciously seized so that the public can conclude for myself “because the movement is dead, so hashemi …”.

Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani has been the target of three revolts since the beginning of the revolution: the Tazvir and Hassad community who dared to imagine their illusions during the Imamate, the immigrant and rebellious congregation that eventually led to the assassination, but God willing, the Hashemites survived, and their target was eliminated. It was for the sake of gaining power, and unfortunately these hostilities have continued to this day.

The same extremists who have ravaged the country for eight years. People from this community at the time of the revolution started in Hojjatieh in contradiction to my beliefs, and now have a theory of proselytizing and transmitting ideas to Islam to the world. Sunni Taliban are on the rise and these sectarians are bashing Shiites in Shiite.

2- Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani was in charge of the nation and the legal scrutiny of large masses of intellectuals, especially elites and elites, participated in the elections. In June, when the people of Brigadieren Hashemi endorsed, a man again dominated the sexes of the people, and God knew which way the fate of the Islamic system would be directed.

The same friends who falsely claimed the misery of global justice and global governance and framed the mass corruption as being pessimistic about the system, perhaps the same trend of deceitful democratization of the system and the rejection of Islamism They said that while the same community accepted neither Islam nor Iran.

3. If Ayatollah Hashimi had withdrawn, a community that had cost eight years of tyranny and created a state of mental insecurity, the same community would again have cost them a nuclear-like model in Iran Academically, while the majority of the people were in distress and misery, there was a lack of prosperity, while the existential philosophy of the Islamic Revolution was the origin of divine and Islamic values, not the essence of individuals.

To summarize: Mr. Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, as the living martyr of the Revolutionary Leader, has taken over his authority from Islam and the people, and the Guardian Council’s attempt to abolish this great man has been an attempt to prevent the Guardian Council from turning against the people, unfortunately. He stopped, but in the end, the people of the intelligent orbit province behaved as if the referees might have thought

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