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Mr. Nabaveh! We don’t have a 17-page newspaper

Mr. Nabaveh! We don’t have a 17-page newspaper

One of the future viewers wrote in a message:

Bijan Nawabeh today in his newspaper (The Age of Iranians) has made statements about media subsidies which has an interesting point.

“A newspaper that has 17 pages and 10 pages is an ad, why should it be subsidized?”
The question is, which newspaper in Iran and in the world has 17 pages at all?
On what basis should we base such a statement by a member of the Majlis Cultural Commission who claims to have made a decision for the media? Isn’t it ugly that a member of parliament and a member of the cultural commission, who is himself the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, makes such unprofessional and unprofessional remarks?
Has Bijan Nabawa’s concern really been the issue of press subsidies or has he been screaming for subsidized justice because of the decline in subsidies over the previous period ?! Why should a Member of Parliament declare his or her own personal issues as a public concern on the official forums?
 Journalists and the media should ask the press department to announce press subsidies in previous years as well, to determine on what basis and how much some media are subsidized.
Now that for the first time in the history of the press, this transparency has been compounded by the new policies of the deputy press, why they should accuse the current Ministry of Guidance, while hitherto, these figures were considered confidential and no one paid and subsidized The bags and the bag were not informed.
The Vice President also announced the subsidies of previous years, to determine who and how much they received in the past

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