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Oil Industry Needs ‘Social Capital’ / Afshar Nick

Oil Industry Needs ‘Social Capital’ / Afshar Nick

Mehdi Afshar Nik wrote in Naftana:

Expecting oil and oils had been dry for years. We were accustomed to filling the mouth with slogans on the one hand and lowering oil production and importing more gas into the country. On the other hand, we had to quit bidding to hear emerging names on the one hand and duplicate actors on the other. They had to raise one hand. Huge for the world’s biggest oil companies, mocking the presidency of OPEC and English for reading and exploiting 35-month-olds and “we can” such as the morning slogan. A slogan for some that it is as if their bread was only repeated in their office, only in their office.

Trying and setting up a project wheel and lifting the refinery distillation tower? None. We were the first holder of hydrocarbons in the world, but in winter it was frustrating for everyone to supply gas and fuel. Any series that said goodbye to a prominent Iranian company would go through a propaganda campaign that, with Iranian diligence and the efforts of oil industry nominees, we would do better than “them” and “we can” again and again. . But the Iranian ambition failed.

Every year, instead of hearing that oil has been able to bring in ten or twenty or thirty billion dollars of capital, and the oil industry itself is capable of meeting its need for capital and development, we have heard that 20, 30, 40 or even $ 66 billion of public resources The country has been attracted to the oil industry. I wish it would have been at least developed by the Iranian rial, and the barrel would have been added to the country’s oil production, not to have a fall of about one and a half million barrels. I wish the former oil minister had said that “there is $ 250 billion in labor in the industry” was a real face.

The outflow of the nation’s most expensive oil specialists has grown exponentially every year, taking over the position of warehouseman and so-called chain store of oil-sensitive substations. Every day specializing in oil was offended. Insult the sites. Who are Mafia, and what the experts had been planting and planting in miniatures and miniatures for eight years was plowed with a bulldozer (a term used by a minister)

the petrochemical auction stick was as if a father had his own property among his children. And the heirs divide after themselves. The dominant specialized parent companies of the country went behind the sales window. They handed the petrochemical business to the political party and the Persian Gulf holding it to show that the meaning of the “oil revolution” that June 90th was talking about was that Assaluyeh’s torches were getting hotter.

Today, any senior or middle oil executive who is keen on development, willingness to leapfrog, compete with Qatar and Iraq and Saudi Arabia is both in fear and in Raja. The news that the foreign companies are returning to the country these days is hopeful, but what about the money that has been given to the big bidders these years? What are the projects that unpaid contractors have paid more than their workload? Half-time projects and empty funds. P

It is difficult to say that in these years not even one cubic meter of gas came from the coast of the Assaluyeh. Whatever it was in the same government, reform had taken place. Zanganeh is having a hard time. He said I wouldn’t go to a 5 star hotel. The hardest thing is to break the sanctions on the outside and exterminate the interior. The main issue today is the “semiconductor” industry. This is a situation that is frightening and frustrating. Things halfway. Right and wrong, they have reached a point where reforming or advancing can take twice as long. Even more power than launching from the zero point.

Oil needs capital. The most important asset of this government is “social capital”. The oilmen must repair the corrupted relationship with the elites. On the other hand, it is the right of the people to know precisely how the claimants of the “We Can” thrive in Qatar and Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and to break into the Iranian industry. Oil needs social capital and people’s perception is the most important point of formation of “social wealth

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