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The Iran-US relationship has entered a new phase

The Iran-US relationship has entered a new phase

As head of state, I am well aware of the extent to which “behavioral and policy stabilization” is central to governance, focal and important. This principle is fundamental to us, both domestically and internationally. For this reason, in the field of foreign policy, regional cooperation is a priority for us.

“I see Iran’s economy as the closest and most economically viable to emerging economies,” the president said.

Hassan al-Islam and Muslim Hassan Rouhani said at the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos that the events of the last six years in the world economy showed that no one can live alone. It can solve its problems without paying attention to others, and no business can achieve sustainable growth without fulfilling its social responsibility.

“Globalization this time in the form of the global economic crisis has shown that we are all sitting on one ship and that if the wiser wrestlers do not, the storm will hurt us all,” he said.

The President added: The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is a great opportunity for the world and for thought and thought to express their concerns and concerns, and to engage in ongoing dialogue and exchange of views. To bring thought and thought to a better governance of the world and I look forward to this summit and hope to convey the message of friendship, engagement, cooperation and peaceful coexistence of my nation to you leaders, officials, entrepreneurs and thinkers from all over the world Here you come to convey

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