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The memory of “Ahmad Burkhani” is still fresh / Mehrdad Khadir

The memory of “Ahmad Burkhani” is still fresh / Mehrdad Khadir

Today it is reminiscent of the silence of Ahmad Borghani, who is rightly and well-remembered as the architect of press freedom and development in our time, and on his tombstone in the piece of the name of Uran Behesht Zahra, they have beautifully engraved it.

Six years ago, Ahmad Borghani, who was known by two characteristics as “book and cigar” and as he called himself, “two shrewd friends”, died. Although he had left the latter two months before the Turks, on the advice of doctors and friends, other suffering was inflicted upon him, and suddenly, unbelievably, he fell out of sight on a winter afternoon. While he was not yet 50 years old, did Jalal al-Ahmad, Ali Shariati, and many others see and leave the pen?

Haj Ahmad was born in Vahidi and was known in the Abad system and was known as “Baba Nizam Abad”. He spent several years on the mission of the Islamic Republic News Agency in New York, but when he returned, he went back to the same patriarchal house and remained there until the end of the patriarchate of Nizamabad, with the same Renault-5 where he was barely there. Sue went on and on, and just recently the Peugeot 405 took its place. Although not unaware of the hiking, I had seen her myself even while in the ministry of walking.

 His spirit was great and he had no right to seek compensation at any cost by forging a title.

  One of the passionate youth of the Revolution was the 57 who came to the streets with many dreams and dreams and were fascinated by three: Shariati and Taleghani and of course Imam Khomeini.
Ahmad’s father was Bana, and the universities that were shut down after the Cultural Revolution were rebuilding a few sides of his hands to draw on the past summer of Par and Pirar, then working for the Islamic Republic News Agency as he reads very well He wrote and owned Salim without any advice, and with a great deal of dedication, knowledge, and writing ability, he quickly made the leaps and bounds in the presence of elders and claimants, and was dispatched to New York.

For a long time, many people did not know that he was the brother of a martyr, and he never attempted to obtain the title of this martyr. Six years ago, when the body of Haj Ahmad was buried, the eldest of the rituals to console the mother said: “Your child is buried with dignity and respect, and celebrities are here have . The body of Imam Hussein’s Mullahs remained in the Karbala Desert for three nights and three days and was not buried yet. ” Curved upstairs mother Ahmad Burkhani took a step forward and loudly said, “Sir Imam Hussein but the body of my son – Amir Hussein – has been in jail for 11 years.” Many now knew that she was a martyr’s mother and had been waiting for her son’s return for 11 years.

In 1997, with the coming of the Reformist government, he became deputy press secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, instead of being caught up in the bureaucratic bureaucracy or favoring the desk and spending all his time alone in meetings. He served the media and was tied up.

When it gets more work it can’t go ahead and quit. His popularity was such that he was full of journalists who loved Ahmad Bourjani at the ceremony of commemorating the press cooperative building at Haft-e Tir Square in Tehran. The journalist’s house, which has been locked up for four years now, is also among his memorials, and it was his pursuits that made it possible, though his resignation was so unexpected that it would not be possible to hold an interment in the building.

Ahmad Borghani has once again returned to his lifelong attachment to being a book and a book and a book. However, he did not respond to a friend’s request for a sixth Majlis candidate, and after coming to parliament he was no good, although he was not a politician at all, but did not condemn the politics of truth and some famous speeches before he was ordered. It is a reminder.
He viewed helping civil society organizations and trade unions as a task, but was subject to accusations that he defended, but suffered hardships and devastated his spirit in recent years.

The brother of the martyr and spokesman for the war propaganda staff in the final years had to respond and explain to those who may never have gone to war, and he was harassed. However, he could not boast of seeing that the seedling that had been planted was growing day by day with all the hardships and hardships.

The day when Mehran Qasemi, an international journalist, fell into the eye of a youth with the pursuit of Ahmad Borghani, who was supposed to open the piece and name him buried there, but who could have imagined that himself Would Ahmad too calm down there too soon?

It is now 6 years since the death of Ahmad Bourjani, and as soon as he is remembered, and the media and his profession and the media are reminding him of goodness, it is an honor that does not come to everyone.

 Remember, in 2009, with what thoughts and with the backing of ethics, politeness and knowledge, he sat in the same chair as Borghani. Important is the good name that remains and motivates to be remembered 6 years after the death of someone who did not qualify at the time of his death, and perhaps two years later, when the media were caught up in a position that his art It was knotty and not polite. Not that politeness in the sense of literary terms and certain delicacies, but also with everyday politeness and a minimalist claim to civilized bias.

Hafez illustrates this dream:

 two savvy friends and his semen / leisure, and his book and

lawn mower with the two nimble fellows who came to the fore, but there was no leisure and lawn mower. It may have reached that joint Ahmed Mr. Nazanin Our: Leisure, Book and Grass Corner …

Source: Era of Iran

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