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Zargham Approach to Budget Season: Trivializing Satellite and Business Simultaneously from Government The hilarious example was the launch

Zargham Approach to Budget Season: Trivializing Satellite and Business Simultaneously from Government The hilarious example was the launch

The hilarious example was the launch of the Music Academy in imitation of the Googoosh Academy. Interestingly, Mr. Zarghami, in a speech, accused the reformists of following Googoosh, and repeatedly appeared in the news sections of this analytical line, but as to the planning and action, it became clear They followed Googoosh’s plans to create a program of their own.

Future Culture Service : Head of Voice and Sima says people have a strong connection with sound and are looking for satellite “curiosity”. This general saying does not indicate that people’s curiosity is overwhelming. Is it legal to buy curiosity about what they do? Maybe because their relationship with sound and simplicity is so exemplary, they are curious to see “Me and You” or the BBC perform like baby aunts. And does their media make their delivery a headline or not?

Of course the season is the budget review season. He also wants to show that the importance of broadcasting is much more than that advertised on satellite networks. In a speech he says, “People have the right to have their own voice and their own face.” This does not, of course, make it clear whether people have the right to have all the cultural, political and economic interests of the country legally operating in the air. Or is it just “Hangout of dignity and comrades?”

He stated that “The policy that the media system has dominated over the past years is the establishment of satellite networks and the focus of their work to counter the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation is undoubtedly the same networks. Persian language, given the number of Iranians and Other Persian-speaking countries in the world are much more limited than launching 150 Persian-language networks, which illustrates the importance of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran.Launching networks and benefits that outsiders think is important to the Iranian nation is useless, and people forget about them only after their curiosity is lifted or when they watch a TV series or movie on them. Nationals are more robust and strong with people, and they see themselves on television and radio, so these networks do not pose a threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran, though it is better for the authorities to provide enough credits, especially in the field of drama. To use the capacity for the people. ”

Reducing people’s tendency to satellite networks to simple curiosity, while these days many people’s needs, such as film, serial and entertainment, to news and economic and political analysis, are met by various networks, and people’s satellite channels are almost identical. Is.

As the Minister of Guidance says, 71 percent of people in Tehran and 60 percent of people in the whole country watch satellite. “People’s curiosity about seeing satellites and their relationship with VoiceMail says to VoiceMail, while almost all networks and Sound antennas are widely traded.

Channel Three, which sells almost antennae to shoppers who are either at the Blessing Foundation or Qeshm or Nan Vikik Razavi or at night, except for the broadcast of “Ava Baran” and football, and people who have a strong connection to the sound, The remote has to be watched repeatedly. Even the Amur Purang baby program, which was appealing to children, has been advertised throughout the repertory. And it may occasionally fall out of curiosity into the wide range of satellite channels! That competition with Sima is no longer relevant to them and seeks to attract audiences from satellite competitors.

On the other hand, the practice of copying audio and video programmers from networks such as you and me (here’s dinner) to the BBC (décor and layout) reinforces the notion that it is the very sounds and sounds that are the latest curiosity. Imagine the programming methods of these networks.

Interestingly, Mr. Zarghami, in a speech, accused the reformists of following Googoosh and repeatedly presented them to people in the news sections of this line of analysis, but the planning and action involved revealed who was hair-to-hair. They followed Googoosh’s plans to create a program of their own.

Of course, these awkward imitations are not harvested by the public. But this relationship “firmly spoken by the head of sound is meaningful with respect to the budgeting season. They themselves point out that” the government and parliament should pay attention to sound and budget in prioritizing budgets, this first It is the right of the people to have their own voice and image, and it is our duty to convey this demand to the border and remote villages as well. We have been negotiating new networks with devices such as the Ministry of Education and the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, as well as other devices that can help us produce content and receive part of the budget. Of course, their assistance is limited and the main burden is on the shoulders of the voice. “

On the other hand, the comments came as the site announced al-Qaeda’s “one-sided and people-centric policies” on the Islamic Republic, due to the fact that viewers of satellite programs in Iran had climbed to 5%.

A: “The IRIB, which is run by the money of the people and out of the pocket of al-Bait al-Mul, has in recent years degraded the propaganda, factional, political and media arm of a minority group in Iran and amounted to the views of a political thinker who only Thinking of eliminating others has become disguised

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